I considered using "I Write" on my banner instead of "Writer." But "I write" always makes me think of the 1981 movie, Reds. (Reds is my favorite partial movie, in that I watch only the first part, which concludes with radical journalists John Reed and Louise Bryant embracing on a snowy St. Petersburg street, as the triumphant masses sing "La Internationale." It's stirring. The second part features Lenin and typhus and a sad ending. Who needs that?)

Anyway, early in the film, we see John Reed covering the 1913 Paterson, New Jersey silk mill strike in preparation of a planned Broadway fundraising pageant (how fun!). He's confronted by a hired goon with either brass knuckles or a blackjack, and the goon asks him what he's doing there. Reed replies, "I write." The goon then says, "No,boy. You wrong." Then he bashes Reed in the face with the weapon. I like the goon's wordplay; the facebashing, not so much. 

So now when I see the popular "I write" usage on writers' websites, I think, "no, you wrong," and imagine punching someone in the face. And that's the story of my page banner. Did you like it? 

​I'm writing a memoir about growing up in an New York City suburb with a Jewish Holocaust refugee mother and a father who seems to have been plucked off a Kansas prairie town and deposited with Russian Jewish immigrant parents in the wilds of Staten Island. But he wasn't. He only seemed like a mid-western Presbyterian grain elevator operator. Most of it is funny.  FAMILY PICTURE HERE.


New Paltz, New York
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