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I studied English and writing at Hampshire CollegeThe New School, and Purchase College/State Univ. of NY, but everything I know about marketing communications, I have learned on the job.

I worked for a small ad agency in the 1980s and wrote newspaper and radio copy for two consumer promotions: a contest to find a hand model for a nail care client and a “win tickets to see Menudo" promotion for Vitarroz, a packaged goods client serving the Latino market.

During the 1990s, while operating my first iteration of In Your Own Words, my clients included the former Saccardi & Schiff, a land use consulting firm for whom I produced large, complex presentations, which incorporated graphics, charts, and tables -- no mean feat in the days of rudimentary GUIs, 386 processors, and other such arcana.

I also worked with an early tech start-up which marketed customized enterprise software. I wrote direct mail pieces and a development process brochure for this venture.

As a full-time employee of SitourUSA and Gebbie Press, I created brochures, wrote press releases, and developed promotional materials, some of which can be found here.

I offered resume and cover letter writing during the the 1990s, and I have kept up with the trends and conventions which have developed as job hunting became a primarily online task. I include a "word cloud" as the first item on a resume, following one's name and contact info. I select words and phrases that echo those used by LinkedIn in its "Skills & Endorsements" section. Of course, I also use words specific to both the client's background and target job.

New Paltz, New York